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Images from Your Text Here playwright showcase

Excerpts from Bayonets & Bully Beef were performed at the Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne in July 2005 as part of the Your Text Here playwright showcase at the BlackBox Theatre.

The images below were taken during this performance. Three actors, Daniel Mrocki, Perri Cummings and Matthew Green, under the direction of the playwright, Sally McLean, performed three monologues from the play to an audience of both general public and industry figures on July 23rd and 24th, 2005.

The excerpts were very well received, with great feedback from audience members, particularly on the use of multimedia with live action. Radio broadcasts from the time were used, with music, video and images from World War II, which complimented the actors' live performances - much as the final production will be presented.

While there are a larger amount of female characters than male characters in Bayonets & Bully Beef, the producers of Your Text Here (Roundtrip Productions) selected these three monologues to present, hence there being a rather heavy male presence in a showcase presentation for a play predominately about women!

The writer would like to thank Daniel, Perri and Matt for their fantastic work in the showcase, Alan Fletcher for providing his versitile voice as the Radio Announcer and Prime Minister John Curtin and the audience and fellow playwrights and actors who were kind enough to give such positive feedback.

Just click on the images below to see a larger photo:

Daniel Mrocki as "Michael" at the opening of the segment with video screen to his left Daniel Mrocki as "Michael" talks about fighting on the Kokoda Track Daniel Mrocki as "Michael" reacting to the sound of gunshots Daniel Mrocki as "Michael" at the end of his monologue Perri Cummings as "Evelyn", a Coastwatcher off the coast of Queensland Perri Cummings as "Evelyn", talking about her work spying on the Japanese Perri Cummings as "Evelyn" with images of women at war behind her on the screen
Perri Cummings as "Evelyn" at the end of her monologue Matthew Green as "Gregory", a sargent on the Kokoda Track Matthew Green as "Gregory", talks about his arrival at Kokoda Matthew Green as "Gregory" with images of Kokoda behind him on the screen Matthew Green as "Gregory" at the end of his monologue Matthew Green as "Gregory" standing at attention in silhouette at the end of the segment The three actors in a tableu at the end of the segment with Glen Miller's In The Mood filling the theatre

Sally McLean would like to additionally thank the following people who made this performance of excerpts possible:

  • Roundtrip Productions for selecting Bayonets & Bully Beef as part of the Your Text Here showcase
  • Sue from Bayside Recycled and New Clothing for so generously loaning us the Sargent's uniform from 1942
    Ph: 03 5975 0411 | 18 Virginia Street, Mornington VIC 3931
  • Jan from The Store Room for her patience, generosity and flexibility with providing us with rehearsal space
  • Greg from The Comedy Club for allowing us to use the space for extra rehearsals as required
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